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In order to use this service, the user and device registration to MyClarion are required.

With your PC, you can send the latest POI data from the Google Maps Service to the ClarionMiND.

Searching POI on Google Maps

Type your preferred destination in the "Search" box.

Press "Send" in the pop-up window after search

Press "GPS" in the lower left corner, then select "Clarion" from the list of devices and then type your "MyClarion" account (your email address registered on My.Clarion.com)

Tap "Portal Sync" by your ClarionMiND connected to the internet.

Tap the "GO" button to display the requested POI data on "MyClarion", a "Downloaded POI" will be displayed and at that time the navigation software will start automatically.

When choosing a POI as your destination, press "OK" at the bottom right hand side of the screen, ClarionMiND will then show your route information on the map.

Receiving POIs from "Google Maps" and sending them to the ClarionMiND is convenient and easy.