In order to use this service, the user and device registration to MyClarion are required.

It is also required to update your ClarionMiND to the Update Pack 2.0UR or later version.

Traffic Application

You're ready to receive bulletins about traffic conditions along any route you specify. Check the conditions ahead of you, or check your entire route before you leave. You can input any set of points, for example, Home to Work, and register up to 20 sets. Traffic reports can be displayed in a Quick Information Area, and you can receive updates as soon as they are available.

Registration to the MyTraffic service.

Log in to MyClarion, then click "NAVTEQ" which is located in the banner to the right of Home.

click "MyTraffic Join Now."

Please read the terms of service and Click "Agree" to acknowledge the terms of use, if you agree with the contents.

The screen will jump to

In order to register your information to, go to Home City and pull down the menu. Please select the area you would like to use, and click "Register."

Your username, password and email address will be registered automatically, so it is not necessary to input them.

How to use in ClarionMiND

Decide on a route where you would like to know traffic information. Here is an example of how to set traffic information from your home to your office. Enter your home address into box "A" and your office address into box "B" and then click "Go."

When the search result is displayed, click "Save/Alert" to save your setting. At this point, you can give the Drive any name you like, but for now, name it "Home to Work."

Set up for the PC is now completed.

Start your ClarionMiND and tap "Traffic" from the Home screen after confirming connection to the internet by Wi-Fi or DUN.

The traffic information on the Drive that you registered with is displayed in the list of MyTraffic. This information is updated every five minutes.

Of course, you can check traffic information for the area you selected.

For more information on how to operate ClarionMiND, please refer to the owner's manual in the MyClarion support page. For more information on functions, please refer to